Feelin’ blue, but in a cool way

Moving to a new area can present real challenges for creatives, for it’s not easy coming across people you can truly vibe with.

Luckily, I found someone who lives one apartment complex away.

It was by chance that I met Kumiko, who also happens to be the first Tampa Bay model I reached out to since moving here.

And her turning blue was the result of a willingness to experiment.

The vibe of the shoot was sexy and seductive, and I definitely wanted that illustrated in the photos, from the dark background to the temperature of the pictures.

While lowering the temperature of the photos, I wanted to see what the picture looked like in black and white.

This was the result.

Investing in yourself is worth it

Yes, investing in yourself is worth it.

And yes, it's easy for I, a photographer, to say this.

But most, if not the majority of first impressions are visual. And irregardless of one's intelligence, a bad picture makes for a horrible first impression.

Such is what led me to Raleigh, N.C. last week for a quick headshot session with Lauren, one of my clients who is working on a few new ventures.

Having spent 12 years in North Carolina, including 10 in the Triangle, it was nice being back in familiar territory. 

She wanted photos that represented a professional in Raleigh, so we took a variety of shots around the state capitol grounds and on Fayetteville Street.

During our shoot, we discussed various business opportunities (of others) that were lost through bad headshots.

When you're selling yourself, there's no second chances to make a strong first impression.