Durham NC Model Photography: Back to Where It Started

2019.9.8 Darbi Marie by StanChambersJr Photography 3 small.jpg

Just about every photographer has their favorite spots to shoot.

For me, it’s West Point On The Eno Park.

What’s distinctive about this park is the Eno River and the dam that controls the river flow.

It’s simplistic nature at its best. And it’s a beautiful spot at sunset.

I came across this park for one of my first client shoots. But I always wanted to come out here at sunset.

Thankfully, Darbi was up for the adventure.

2019.9.8 Darbi Marie by StanChambersJr Photography 1 small.jpg

Every once in a while (like 1-2 times a year), I’ll come across someone while out and about who I think would look great in front of the camera. Yes, I get the creepiness of it all - a random guy approaches a woman and wants to take pictures of her. Typically I keep this sort of interaction short and I quickly hand them my card to show that I’m a real photographer.

On this particular encounter, it so happened that Darbi is also a photographer, which meant a random encounter turned into an hour conversation about a variety of things, including how she’s never had a real model shoot before.

Fast forward a few weeks, and we were both in waist-deep water as the sun was going down.

Raleigh NC Family Photography: Intimate Moments at Home

2019.8.18 Campbell Family Shoot by StanChambersJr Photography 28.jpg

Posed family photos have their place, but I believe memorable family photos are anything but static.

Especially when they happen at home.

One of the great things about being a photographer is having a front seat to people’s growth. I first met Melissa when she was a model, then I took photos of her baby shower, and now four years later, here I was inside her home.

2019.8.18 Campbell Family Shoot by StanChambersJr Photography 42.jpg

I’m a big proponent of capturing family photos inside the family’s natural element. Not only does it capture the true essence of that family, but it also makes for much better - and meaningful - photos.

Downtown Raleigh NC Bridal Photography: Second Time's The Charm

2019.9.20 Crystal Riley Bridal Shoot by StanChambersJr Photography 17 small.jpg

I love it when good people win.

Crystal has been my barber on and off (if we count my three years in Florida) for about a decade. When you’ve had the same barber for that long, you’re prone to learn a few things about them, such as their resilience following a divorce and their openness to finding love again.

Which leads us to today. By the time you read this, Crystal has transitioned from fiancee to wife.

But before the wedding, there was the bridal shoot.

2019.9.20 Crystal Riley Bridal Shoot by StanChambersJr Photography 10 small.jpg

The State Capitol Building in Downtown Raleigh is used for many a bridal shoot, but there was a certain sameness to the shots I’ve seen. So I wanted to mix things up a bit.

As you’ve noticed above, one of the building’s distinctive features is its doors. But no one highlights the doors in their photos - until now.

I took a flash and placed it behind Crystal, which really made the door pop - and the photos more distinctive.

What I loved about this shoot is that a lot of our shots were not traditional bridal shots. My thought process was more model than bride, which led to more creative photos.

So to Crystal and Ray, congratulations! I’m honored to be part of your wedding journey.

Cary NC Video Project: Theta Lambda Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 12.30.34 PM.png

Organizations like fraternities and sororities rely on a number of ways to promote their efforts, from word of mouth to their work in the community.

But using video to market their efforts is one of the most effective ways to promote an organization - something the Theta Lambda Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., has realized.

The chapter, based in Cary, N.C., wanted an video promoting that highlights their uniqueness and versatility. Their request came at the perfect time, for within the following weeks, the chapter would have a community service event, host their first party, and have their annual retreat.

As a former journalist, the one thing I love doing is telling stories, which is what I set out to do in creating this video. Knowing that this video would be aimed at potential new members and inactive sorrors, I wanted a video with an impactful opening backed up with an engaging story.

Charlotte NC Headshot Session: Rolling with the Punches

I had the session all planned out.

We were going to do the headshots at a park across the street from the hotel. The Uptown Charlotte skyline would be a real nice backdrop for the professional headshots.

And then the business meeting ran over.

Photographers take time to plan out every shot, scout every location, and have multiple meetings with their team to ensure everything is in line for the shoot. But sometimes we end up with imperfect situations and environments, which means we have to roll with the punches, which is what happened with the headshots for the Atlanta Professional Chapter of Iota Sweethearts, Inc.

What started out as an outdoor shoot ended up with a hospitality suite being turned into a mini studio. But when you’re a professional, you adapt to get the shot.