Don’t go cheap on wedding photography

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It’s one of the biggest questions in wedding planning: How much will the photographer cost?

There are plenty of websites with the answer, which is about 10 - 12 percent of your total wedding budget. To add a dollar amount, wedding photography, on average, ranges from $1,150 to $3,000, according to WeddingWire. This amount can very depending on where your wedding is (a Washington, D.C. wedding photographer will cost more than one in Washington, N.C.) and what your package includes (prints, albums, etc.).

So you may think that’s a lot of money for one person. And I get it, we all have budgets. But here’s why spending the money is worth it:

Because your wedding is a luxury. And you should treat it as such.

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Do you need a wedding dress to be married? A wedding venue? A wedding party? No, you do not.

But do you want those items? Of course. After all, they’re part of the large catered party you’re planning, and unless you regularly have those (and if you do, invite me!), then your wedding is a luxury.

As with any luxury, you’re paying for quality. And we know what that looks and feels like. There’s a reason you want to sit in first class. Drive a Mercedes Benz. Watch the game in box seats. 

Each of those items have higher price points because you know what you’re getting - and you know what luxury is not.

Now I get that there are other elements of your wedding that are important:

Food? Yes, everyone needs to be fed. But do you remember what you ate three days ago? 

Makeup? You want to accentuate your beauty. But how long do you keep makeup on? 

Wedding dress? I’m approaching 12 years of marriage, and the last time my wife’s wedding dress saw the light of day was on our wedding day.

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I’m not saying that food, makeup, and your wedding dress aren’t important, but your pictures are the only wedding item you’ll engage with long after your wedding. From albums to prints and annual reminders on social media, your wedding photos will be the only tangible item from your wedding day you’ll refer to years later.

Think of it this way: You’re putting a lot of time and effort into your once-in-a-lifetime event. Would you want your hard work represented in - and your memories based on - cheap photos?

You know how the saying goes: You get what you pay for. 

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