She drove 8 hours for some cool pictures

2018.4.13 Charna Wilson by StanChambersJr Photography 47 small.jpg

It's deeply humbling to have clients from across the country, including those willing to drive hours just to do a shoot with me.

Charna, who lives in Atlanta, drove down to Tampa to take three series of pictures - headshots, graduation and birthday.

It made for a fun photo adventure around Tampa.

Unscripted engagement shoots are the best ones

2018.2.3 Justin Ewing & Dawna Herbert by SCJ Photography 59 small.jpg

I'm a strong proponent of engagement shoots being as unscripted as possible.

I'll have a few poses ready, for an engaged couple are more than likely not professional models, but I want my engagement shoots to be authentic to the couple I'm shooting.

That was easy with Justin and Dawna.

I love shooting couples with energy, and they were just that.