One last Florida shoot

2018.8.19 Kayla 20 small.jpg

Of course my final Florida shoot would be on a beach.

But while the beach shoot was planned, the fact that it was my final Florida shoot was not.

Kayla and I decided to spend a morning at Clearwater Beach, which is one of the country’s best beaches. And as such, we were up nice and early.

Despite not being able to use my lights (a Clearwater PD officer nicely said I needed a permit to do flash photography), we still had an awesome time.

And I’m so glad that we did.

I’m writing this post from Durham, N.C., where I’ve since returned to where it all began. It was in Durham back when I was a reporter for the News & Observer (2005 - 2010) that I really started taking photography seriously.

So while I’ll miss some things about Florida - including Kayla, who became a great friend and one of my go-to models - I’m one who definitely prefers seasons.

Do you need a maternity shoot? If you're pregnant, the answer is yes

2018.4.28 Josephs Maternity Shoot by StanChambersJr Photography 18 small.jpg

Of course it's in my best interest to tell you, the expectant mother, that you need a maternity shoot.

But the reason is much bigger than capturing great pictures.

Expectant mothers, especially those expecting their first child, endure an unique journey. Not only do they have a glow, but there's great excitement in having new life growing inside of them.

There's so much hope. So many dreams.

None of that can be captured once the baby arrives.

This is why professional photography is so important, for you want to capture moments like that before they go away - moments that Keren nearly missed.

Keren, who is a few away from giving birth, didn't want maternity pictures at first. But her friends told her she would regret not doing them.

Our mini session in St. Petersburg validated that.

A Basquiat-inspired shoot

2018.4.8 Kayla Boronell by StanChambersJr Photography 1 small.jpg

When you hang with cool people, you learn about cool things like Jean-Michel Basquiat.

And how Basquiat is one of my favorite people's favorite artists.

So we put together a Basquiat-inspired shoot.

We think he would be proud.

Probate: Iota Phi Theta @ USF

2018 GCR Regionals - Friday - Zeta Delta Probate 151.jpg

I love capturing live action - especially when it's my own frat.

Zeta Delta, the Iota Phi Theta chapter at the University of South Florida, held a probate where the chapter's seven newest members were introduced to the campus.

The probate was part of a weekend of meetings and activities for the Gulf Coast Spring Regional Meeting in Tampa.

Here's some of the other pictures I captured during the weekend:

Thursday's events

Friday's events

Saturday's events

As a photographer, I enjoy shooting probates because there's constant action. The downfall was the heavy reliance on a flash, for this was an outside event at night with little lighting.

Creativity in milk

2018.3.15 Priscilla Ramos by StanChambersJr Photography 6 small.jpg

My goal is to create art when I work with models.

A pretty person in front of a pretty background? Easy.

Taking that same pretty person and creating a feeling, thought or emotion? That's the type of work I love doing.

Especially when taking everyday items and creating something unexpected.