Unscripted engagement shoots are the best ones

2018.2.3 Justin Ewing & Dawna Herbert by SCJ Photography 59 small.jpg

I'm a strong proponent of engagement shoots being as unscripted as possible.

I'll have a few poses ready, for an engaged couple are more than likely not professional models, but I want my engagement shoots to be authentic to the couple I'm shooting.

That was easy with Justin and Dawna.

I love shooting couples with energy, and they were just that.



Now is the time to think about your wedding photographer

Kathrine & Ed Haddad - Rings - by StanChambersJr Photography4.jpg

It’s the time of year when proposal plans are being set in stone.

Or someone thinks they’re being proposed to.

The ring has been picked and the proposal location, as well as the proposal strategy, has been set. 

Or you’re trying to see if this proposal season is the one.

But what about pictures? 

They may be the last thing on your mind, especially that the proposal hasn’t happened yet. 

But here’s why you should be thinking about photography:

  • Pictures are one of the few tangible reminders of your wedding day. You want to ensure that you have the right person for the job. Plus do you want to look at bad pictures of your wedding day 20 years later?
  • Other major life moments follow a wedding: baby showers, child birth, promotions, graduations, etc. Your wedding photographer becomes your family photographer and go-to person for professional pictures. 
  • You'll need someone for your engagement pictures.
  • And oh yeah, you may want pictures of the proposal.

Photography is something that many don’t think about until they need them, and with so many photographers out there, it's beneficial for you to establish a relationship with on early.

So before you get on one knee or say yes, give some thought to your photographer.