Finding one's song on a beach

2018.6.29 Mia Rio by StanChambersJr Photography 23 small.jpg

For once, this is a photoshoot on a beach NOT in Florida, lol.

While in Atlanta recently, I reached out to a few models hoping to fill some free time.

It so happens Mia is a model who is also coming out with an album and was looking for some promotional pictures. 

So we went out to Pine Lake Beach, located right outside the city, and made some magic in the sand.

As any shooter knows, a good MUA makes their job so much easier, and Brooke Brown was able to do just that.

We shot in a tunnel, and it was awesome

2018.7.1 Racquel Townsend by StanChambersJr Photography 9 small.jpg

Sometimes, it only takes a look to make a strong connection.

Or in this case, an e-mail, lol.

I reached out to Racquel in hopes I could do a quick shoot with her while I was in Atlanta for a few days.

Not only did she respond, she was down to shoot!

We did a quick shoot in the Krog Street Tunnel, which is a graffiti-filled vehicle/pedestrian tunnel not too far from Downtown Atlanta.

Although I've been to Atlanta plenty of times, it was my first time doing a model shoot in the city. I'm already looking forward to doing more shoots in the 'A' with Racquel.

Once upon a time at a book fair in the 'A'

2018 DLP Book Fair 41.jpg

I often travel for weddings and other events, but this adventure was a more personal one.

My wife started Divine Legacy Publishing last year in an effort to teach authors how to self-publish their books. One year and dozens of clients later, she held her first Summer Book Soiree in Atlanta.

What was great about the event is that not only were there plenty of friends, but strangers stopped by the soiree and bought books.

It's always powerful to watch someone's vision come true, especially when that vision is your wife's.