Charlotte NC Headshot Session: Rolling with the Punches

I had the session all planned out.

We were going to do the headshots at a park across the street from the hotel. The Uptown Charlotte skyline would be a real nice backdrop for the professional headshots.

And then the business meeting ran over.

Photographers take time to plan out every shot, scout every location, and have multiple meetings with their team to ensure everything is in line for the shoot. But sometimes we end up with imperfect situations and environments, which means we have to roll with the punches, which is what happened with the headshots for the Atlanta Professional Chapter of Iota Sweethearts, Inc.

What started out as an outdoor shoot ended up with a hospitality suite being turned into a mini studio. But when you’re a professional, you adapt to get the shot.

Charlotte NC Headshot Session: Shootin' in the Park

I mentioned in my last post how challenging it can be shooting in an unfamiliar environment. This is especially true when shooting in a park.

But it just so happened that Joanne and I went out to Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC at the right time, and found the right spot for a quick headshot session.

Joanne by StanChambersJr Photography 3.jpg

We were both in Charlotte for the Iota Sweethearts’ Third National Conclave, I as the conference photographer and she as a delegate.

Thankfully, we found enough time to squeeze in a headshot session as the sun was setting.

She drove 8 hours for some cool pictures

2018.4.13 Charna Wilson by StanChambersJr Photography 47 small.jpg

It's deeply humbling to have clients from across the country, including those willing to drive hours just to do a shoot with me.

Charna, who lives in Atlanta, drove down to Tampa to take three series of pictures - headshots, graduation and birthday.

It made for a fun photo adventure around Tampa.

A Basquiat-inspired shoot

2018.4.8 Kayla Boronell by StanChambersJr Photography 1 small.jpg

When you hang with cool people, you learn about cool things like Jean-Michel Basquiat.

And how Basquiat is one of my favorite people's favorite artists.

So we put together a Basquiat-inspired shoot.

We think he would be proud.

Investing in yourself is worth it

Yes, investing in yourself is worth it.

And yes, it's easy for I, a photographer, to say this.

But most, if not the majority of first impressions are visual. And irregardless of one's intelligence, a bad picture makes for a horrible first impression.

Such is what led me to Raleigh, N.C. last week for a quick headshot session with Lauren, one of my clients who is working on a few new ventures.

Having spent 12 years in North Carolina, including 10 in the Triangle, it was nice being back in familiar territory. 

She wanted photos that represented a professional in Raleigh, so we took a variety of shots around the state capitol grounds and on Fayetteville Street.

During our shoot, we discussed various business opportunities (of others) that were lost through bad headshots.

When you're selling yourself, there's no second chances to make a strong first impression.