Raleigh NC Headshot Session - Taking a New Look at Yourself

Most of the time we view photography as a service.

You need pictures of something. Photographer shoots pictures of that thing, then delivers photos of that thing. Service completed.

But photography doesn’t always have to be so transactional. There’s nothing wrong with having pictures of yourself just to see yourself in a different light.

Chrishonda is someone who gets that.

During a recent professional headshot session, I wanted to take some photos that were more personality and less transactional, which allowed her to take a new look at herself:

Richmond Headshot Photography: A trio of fun

2019.4.6 Laura Wingold by StanChambersJr Photography 11 small.jpg

I love it when someone’s need and perfect timing coincide with each other.

This session started out with Jill, a long time friend of mine, asking when I was going to be in Richmond, Va. It so happened that her text came two weeks before a pre-scheduled trip to the RVA. And while I had no plans to shoot, why would I turn down an opportunity to do so?

2019.4.6 Lindsay Bradley by StanChambersJr Photography 9 small.jpg

What I enjoyed about this session was the variety. Jill wanted more traditional headshots while her two friends were along for the ride and wanted some nice professional photos.

While most people get headshots for professional reasons, there’s nothing wrong with having pictures done just for the fun of it.