Cary NC Video Project: Theta Lambda Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority

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Organizations like fraternities and sororities rely on a number of ways to promote their efforts, from word of mouth to their work in the community.

But using video to market their efforts is one of the most effective ways to promote an organization - something the Theta Lambda Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., has realized.

The chapter, based in Cary, N.C., wanted an video promoting that highlights their uniqueness and versatility. Their request came at the perfect time, for within the following weeks, the chapter would have a community service event, host their first party, and have their annual retreat.

As a former journalist, the one thing I love doing is telling stories, which is what I set out to do in creating this video. Knowing that this video would be aimed at potential new members and inactive sorrors, I wanted a video with an impactful opening backed up with an engaging story.

Business photo & video shoot: Lead Faucet Tactical

2018.12.16 Lead Faucet Tactical Set 3 by StanChambersJr Photography 53.jpg

It’s one thing to thank a veteran for their service, but it’s awesome when you’re able to help them grow their business.

Dan is a retired Special Forces soldier who started Lead Faucet Tactical, which provides tactical and shooting training to law enforcement and others.

I was invited to his farm in Virginia to capture photos and video of him in action. While it’s easy taking pictures of someone shooting their rifles, I wanted to capture more than that. Telling stories through photography isn’t just about the action in front of the lens, but also the elements that make up the story.

So along with photos of Dan shooting his rifles, I also wanted pictures of the weapons themselves as well as shots of Dan working on his rifles.

One of Dan’s sponsors is Barrett, which manufactures large-caliber rifles, and he wanted me to create a video highlighting his use of Barrett rifles:

So you may be wondering - How did Stan end up on a farm in the middle of nowhere Virginia shooting photos & video of a veteran shooting his guns?

I worked with Dan’s girlfriend years ago (she owned her own boutique shop), and when I moved back to North Carolina, she wanted me to come up to their farm.

And it’s a real farm. Complete with cows, goats, and pigs.

I’m always thankful of cool assignments. Especially when they help people like Dan grow their business.

Thank you for your service, Dan.