You need professional headshots.

Your reputation depends on it.

Some may not think they need professional headshots, but if you represent yourself or any sort of entity in a professional manner, then you want others to take you seriously from the moment they see your business card, LinkedIn profile, or however else they find you.


Raleigh | Durham Headshot Photography: FAQ

Q: How much are your headshot sessions and what do they include?

A: Headshots sessions are $275, which includes two looks, or outfits, at the location of your choosing along with editing and delivery of the best photos.

Q: Will I get to choose the photos I like?

A: Of course. We will review the photos during the session, and if there’s any photos you don’t like, we’ll gladly retake them.

Q: What if I need a hair stylist and makeup artist?

A: StanChambersJr Photography has a team that includes a hair stylist and makeup artist. On-location hair styling services start at $35 and makeup services range from $75.


Q: How many pictures will I receive?

A: We average about 5-10 final photos per outfit.

Q: Do you have a particular shooting style?

A: Not necessarily. Every client has different needs, so a formal headshot session doesn’t work for everyone. We will determine the best shooting style for your needs during our pre-shoot consultation.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Depends on the purpose of the headshots. We do have some general guidelines that’ll have you ready for your headshot session. We’ll happily help you pick out the best outfit during our pre-shoot consultation.

Q: Can I purchase the raw images?

A: For clients, raw images are useless because they need to be processed in order to create a final image. Asking for the raw image is like asking your favorite clothes maker for an extra bag of cotton on the side. Clients often ask for raw images because they feel that they’re missing something, but professional photographers are able to turn raw images into beautiful high-resolution photos.

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Let’s talk!

The next step is to schedule a consultation so we can get to know each other. Our meeting is not a sales pitch, but an opportunity for you to receive honest answers regarding any (and all) of your headshot photography questions.