Your wedding is beautiful.

Your wedding is a story.

Shooting a wedding is much more than capturing people and things. It’s about drawing people into each photo. It’s about taking each of those photos and creating a unique photo story. Anybody can take pictures, but not everybody can tell a unique story with those pictures. After all, those pictures should be timeless, ones that you’re proud to show your grandkids.

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Wedding photos worth showing off

StanChambersJr Photography did an amazing job with both my engagement and wedding day photos. When searching for a wedding photographer I wanted someone who could bring my vision to life. His creativity and ability to create unique/one of a kind photos made my special day one that I will remember forever. Everyone absolutely loves my wedding photos and I'm always showing them off. Stan Chambers was professional, always on time and prepared, and an overall amazing person to work with.


Raleigh | Durham Wedding Photography: FAQ

Q: I’m looking at multiple wedding photographers. Why should I choose you?

A: That’s an excellent question. There’s four P’s to consider: Pictures, Price, Professionalism, and Personality. 

When it comes to pictures, Stan has a documentary, creative style. As a former photojournalist, Stan is an expert at capturing unique, natural moments. Stan has multiple clients who’ve exclaimed at how he captured moments they didn’t know were happening – even when they were in the same room. In addition, Stan’s experience shooting hundreds of models means he knows poses, angles, and lighting that’ll ensure you and your loved one look your best.

As one may expect, this experience doesn’t come cheap. Nor should it, for you don’t want cheap looking photos of your one-in-a-lifetime event. You’ll often hear that paying for wedding photography is an investment, which it is because you’re paying for something that’ll last a lifetime. But we all have budgets, and wedding photography typically encompasses about 12 percent of your total wedding budget.

Professionalism and personality often come down to the one-on-one interaction. Does the photographer respond to inquiries and emails in a timely manner? Do they answer your questions? Are they on-time for your meetings? Are they prepared for your meetings? What type of vibe do you get from them?

So to be honest, this answer really depends on you. Does our style match your wedding day vision? Are we within your budget?

If the answers are yes, then let’s talk! 

Does our professionalism meet your expectations? And do we come across as good people to work with?

We’re confident the answers to those questions will also be yes.

Q: Do your prices include tax?

A: Just like looking at prices inside a store, the tax is added at the register, or in this case, the invoice. Taxes will be added in accordance to North Carolina law.

Q: Do you offer custom quotes?

A: We do. After all, we want to provide excellent wedding photography that fits within your budget. Do note that we have a minimum hourly rate that we must charge to maintain the quality of our services.

Q: Can I purchase the raw images?

A: For clients, raw images are useless because they need to be processed in order to create a final image. Asking for the raw image is like asking your favorite clothing maker for an extra bag of cotton on the side. Clients often ask for raw images because they feel that they’re missing something, but professional photographers are able to turn raw images into beautiful high-resolution photos.


Q: How far in advance do you book?

A: Couples typically book with us 12-15 months prior to their wedding day. We can also accommodate last minute weddings. And we do elopements and courthouse weddings as well.

Q: What makes StanChambersJr Photography different?

A: With a professional background in marketing, communications, and journalism, Stan understands that details matter. He understands how stressful planning a wedding can be, which is why StanChambersJr Photography has the expertise to take an active role in helping to plan your wedding day. 

Of course, there’s something to be said for experience. We have nearly a decade of wedding photography experience, and 23 years of total photography experience.

But we think our uniqueness comes from our creativity and how personable we are. We’re nice people who take awesome wedding photos that don’t look like everyone else’s.

Q: My wedding is outside the Triangle region. Do you travel?

A: We travel domestic and international for weddings. Any wedding more than two hours from Durham, N.C. (per Google Maps) will involve an additional investment for mileage/flight and hotel.

Q: Do I need to pay anything up front?

A: A deposit is required, which is typically half of the total investment, to add your wedding day to our calendar. A payment plan can be arranged, but full payment is due no more than 30 days before your wedding day.

Q: How many photos will I receive?

A: The average full day wedding yields about 50-60 edited photos per hour, so you’ll receive at least 500-600 photos in total (or about a photo per minute, which is a lot of photos!). The final number of photos depends on a few factors, including how much action is happening, how much time there is for photos, travel time, etc. What we can say is you’ll receive plenty of great photos.

Q: When can I get my photos?

A: Wedding photos typically take about six weeks. Sure, six weeks sounds like a long time (don’t worry, you’ll get a teaser photo or two along the way), but think of it this way:

Couples typically receive about 70-100 photos per hour shot. So for an eight hour wedding day, that’s about 800 photos, on average, being delivered. But a wedding photographer can easily shoot 2-3 times more photos, which include duplicates (we take a lot of ring photos) and photos you don’t want (eyes closed, someone in mid chew, etc.). It takes time to go through those photos, and we curate to ensure you receive the best photos.

Q: Why does every photographer have different wedding prices?

A: The short answer is that each photographer is different. The more detailed answer is there are a lot of variables that go into running a photography business, from high-quality equipment to storage and insurance, among other things. These are the costs of doing business, and a professional photographer often includes these costs in their packages. Are there cheaper photographers? Of course, but if someone’s prices are too good to be true, it may be because they’re lacking something that could place your images at risk.

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Let’s talk!

The next step is to schedule a consultation so we can get to know each other. Our meeting is not a sales pitch, but an opportunity for you and your fiancée to receive honest answers regarding any (and all) of your wedding photography questions.