2017.10.17 Brooke 2.jpg

I’m the guy behind the photos.

But I’m not just about photos.

It would’ve been easy to show a picture of me holding a camera.

But you’re on this website. Which means you know I take pictures. With cameras.

As you clicked through the site (thanks for visiting!), you noticed plenty of storytelling language. I believe photos should tell the story of the moment they’re capturing, not just capture the moment.

This idea derived from my previous experiences as an award-winning journalist who has told tens of thousands of stories through words, photos, graphics and video.

What’s also a part of me is paying attention to details. I’m someone who’s on time - often early - for things. If you email me a question, you’re not waiting days for an answer. And I don’t give people any run-around.

I’m easy to work with and I’m about showcasing the best of whoever I work with, whether an engaged couple, CEO, expecting parents or models.

So let’s talk about your story.